Tattoo Bible

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A comprehensive guide for the tattoo enthusiast - 164 pages, hundreds of glossy images and expertly-written advice and commentary on the tattoo scene and industry, all perfectly bound and presented in a highly collectible publication.

The Tattoo Bible is the manifestation of erudition assimilated over many years and is the most comprehensive body of work for a prospective tattoo collector to date, providing an insider’s view of the tattoo world to those looking in. Amongst its informative pages, it explores the roads and avenues an individual faces when deciding upon a piece of body art and offers thoughtful insight into every single aspect of this, whilst also providing a complete overview of the many genres available, all exquisitely illustrated with a selection of outstanding tattoo photography.

This tome presents a global view of this blood and ink industry as it delves into the world of the tattoo convention and then acquaints the newcomer to the realms of Fine Art, brings them closer to the artists responsible for tattooing’s evolution and introduces them to dedicated tattoo collectors with fascinating stories to tell, whilst also disseminating the myths behind laser tattoo removal and explaining the facts.

The Tattoo Bible provides wisdom and a balanced perspective in a book by which you may live your tattooed life.