Tattoo Dynamite 2


During the creative process that takes place putting Skin Deep magazine together, we are privileged to see some of the greatest tattoos in the world in every possible style imaginable. Following the success of the first volume of Tattoo Dynamite, the interest in great tattoo art has only gotten more intense, and so we are proud to present to you this second volume in the series.

Inside, you'll find every conceivable style of tattoo done in a myriad of different ways. They come from all four corners of the globe and all have made us stop and look at them twice. They come from private sessions, walk-in studios, international conventions and all are without doubt the pride and joy of the collectors in question.

In a nutshell, Tattoo Dynamite 2 once again provides an enviable time-capsule of the direction we're headed in as a culture within tattooing. The bar continues to be raised and we love every moment. Join us...