Tattoo Master 31

Tattoo Master 31

The other day I was having a chat with a friend about cover ups and laser removal. We both agreed that laser’s were a brilliant step forward in tattooing technology…and equally, the artistic level in cover ups (if you disregard Tattoo Fixers) is at its best.

At the moment, we are spoilt for choice. Lasering is fast becoming an art form in itself. You can definitely see the difference between a good and a bad laser treatment. So if you’re willing to spend the money and time on getting that old ink splot, or reminder of a not so well thought out decision, removed, lasering is a great option. If you don’t want to go down that route, you can just get the old ink covered up. Thankfully, cover ups have also become an art form (if you disregard Tattoo Fixers) in the last few years. Some of the most amazing tattoos I’ve seen recently have been cover ups and reworks. These guys are killing it at the moment…and with imagination and creativity that redefines the rules.

With artists becoming renowned for specialising in them, as well as award categories being created specifically for cover ups, it has almost become a style. That’s how great these kids are getting it now days. And good on them, when the hipster tyranny crumbles and they all return from whence they came, some clever bastard is going to make a mint off of cover ups.

But I digress; the interesting philosophical point that came out of the conversation was which would you choose…technology and artistry aside!

We had a lasering v cover ups philosophy fight club.

Thankfully, we both had differing opinions; I hate it when some one else agrees with me! My friend stood on the side that old tattoos should be lasered, rather than covered, as you want the reminder removed completely. Forgive, forget…and laser that memory! If it’s not on my skin, it didn’t happen.

But for me, that seemed like denying you made a shit life choice; it smacked of regret. I preferred the idea of covering it up with something better. More beautiful. More you. Replacing a bad memory, with a good one. I think cover ups are supposed to be just that, cover ups. Rainbow coloured tattoo plasters over old wounds. Don’t give into regret; just view the experience a little differently. And learn from your mistakes; take your past failures and next time round, make them something bigger, better and more beautiful.    

And as mad as that makes me sound, I kinda like that idea!win situation as far as I can see.