Tattoo Master 29

Tattoo Master 29

As 2012 rolled over into a new year, I was offered the role as editor of this shiny tattoo magazine that you currently hold in your grubby, ink lovin’ paws. At the time I had been long involved in the tattoo world; on a personal level, as a lover of all things ink, and on a professional level as a writer for various tattoo magazines. For me it was a dream come true, a way to be a part of tattooing without having to resort to picking up a tattoo machine and showing how truly bad my artistic skills actually are…though I still think there is an untapped market for stickman based tattoos.

Since then I have seen ten issues of Tattoo Master published, each with a guest editor that has been generous enough to share their journeys through this beautiful world of ink not only with me, but also with you the reader. Over the years, we have seen changes in technology and artistic skills that has moved tattooing from a fringe, frowned upon, skill to a credible, mainstream, art form. The tattoo world is growing at a rapid pace and people are finally starting to take notice. We are getting a voice!

Yet, while most of the changes have been positive, there are still a few that haven’t…and though I can bang on about misrepresentation in the media and scratchers etc., the one that still gets me the most is the lack of cohesiveness amongst those working within the tattoo community.

Probably our greatest weakness, within this crazy little world of ours, is the infighting and politics. You can’t work that show because of this, you can’t use that product because of this, you can’t work with that artist because he, or she, sold out. It has got to the point that I sometimes wonder, if we had to follow every direction given by the social media mafia (that’s you guys and gals who hide behind the internet and destroy everything that doesn’t follow your out dated and often misguided beliefs) tattoo artists wouldn’t be able to change their knickers without pissing some one off.

You can’t swing a squirrel now without first checking which side of the line it will land. And besides being cruel to animals, that’s not an effective way to create a community of like minded individuals.

Look, everyone is going to piss some one off at some stage in life, it’s a given. By nature we’re a self serving, egotistical species…it’s in our genes. But we could go some way to try and give genes a kick in the proverbial DNA. We could concentrate on what’s good in the tattoo world, promote that and just ignore the crap…rather than act like the mainstream media and turn everything into a apocalyptic nightmare scenario where the only outcome is dire and deadbeat.

Cause, I don’t know if you are aware of this, but when you put aside all the bitchin’ and moanin’ the tattoo world is actually a fantastic place to hang out.