Tattoo Master 28

Tattoo Master 28

By the time this issue of Tattoo Master lands on your doorstep, a brand new tattoo related television program will have aired on Spike TV, in the UK. Actually it airs tonight…that is tonight that I am writing this, not tonight that you’re reading this! It all started a couple of months ago when I was approached about this new endeavour into the world of tattoo tv and asked if I would like to appear on it. Hesitant as I was, a story was spun that promised the holy grail of tattoo shows…one that had a positive outlook. The basic premise was that they would be featuring “tattoo mishaps” but the emphasis would be on getting them fixed; we would see amazing laser work and remarkable cover ups. We wouldn’t be seeing the crazy half of the inked up legion, but rather, genuine mistakes that could be turned into tattoos worth wearing with pride. No ink lovers would be hurt in the filing of this production! So, after many telephone calls, episode discussions and promises of…it’ll be different…I decided to get involved.

Come yesterday (the day before the show airs) and I get a call from the producers to say that everything is looking great, they have six shows filmed and in the bag…oh and we just wanted to let you know, the powers that be have decided to change the name of the show. They’ve going to call it….wait for it….Tattoo Disasters UK.

I kind of get that sinking feeling I have been thoroughly shafted! All I can think about now is what I said in that hour interview. How can they edit my answers, waxing lyrical about how I love the tattoo world and how amazing the art currently produced is, so that it looks like I’m tearing it apart at the seams? The problem is, I’m an editor, I know exactly how quotes can be spun to make responses read ten different ways.  I know the power of moving questions and answers around to create effect. Except in my case, I tend to do it to make the artist look better, not worse!

Time will tell….

The way things are going, I don’t think it will be long before we have an X Factor type show. One where contestants tattoo on stage, for a panel of judges who don’t really have authority in the world of tattooing other than they are celebrities (in their own minds) and we get to boo, hiss or cheer the freak show. You think I’m joking but we already have a Masterchef format show…that is essentially what Ink Masters is, isn’t it? A group of hopefuls taking part in elimination rounds until one is crowned champion of the world.

But, and I know this will sound crazy, why couldn’t we just have a show that features amazing tattoos and art, interviews with talented, interesting and knowledgeable tattoo artists?

No, sorry, you’re right….that is a totally ridiculous idea.