Tattoo Master 25

Tattoo Master 25

It’s only halfway through the year and already it looks like 2014 is one of those years of change. Every other person I speak to seems to be trying something new or ‘moving on’. Even Mr Smith is learning how to play the violin. That good old seven year cycle is starting to roll again and everyone is getting caught up in it. Hell even I have caught the change train and am riding it towards an uncertain future. And that’s not just a crap metaphor, I’m actually writing this on the road with nothing but a car full of ‘stuff’ and a clear goal fixed firmly in my head. The path is a little misty at the moment folks, but the mountain’s summit is in sight!

But with all this change going on, rather than feel afraid, I feel pretty damn excited.


Because, ultimately, change is good!

The thing with change is that we fear it because it pushes us out of our daily routines and forces us to do things we might not be comfortable with. And I’m the worst for routine. I love routine, it makes me feel safe. The things is, over the years I have learnt that this feeling of safety is an invented security. I might be pushing the buttons and winding the gears, but all I’m doing is maintaining a robot. And like a robot that repeats the same things over and over again, I might gain stability and security through the constant conditions, but I’m not growing. It’s like treading water and wondering why the scenery isn’t changing.

The other thing about change is that it forces us to look at things differently because, if we’re truly taking change on, this change will bring about new and unfamiliar experiences. Scientifically (well as scientific as I am going to get here) we only achieve ‘brain’ growth by learning new things. With each new bit of knowledge, or newly acquired skill, tried and mastered, fresh synapses are fired up and new neural pathways are created. Scientists like to say we are becoming cleverer, but I like to think we are becoming more knowledgeable. And therefore hopefully wiser!

So what am I trying to say here? Change is good! That’s it really. It’s scary and more often than not seems the crazy way out, but it will eventually just be another event that is a distant memory. But the real gift of change is the lasting experience, the knowledge learnt by accepting the change and letting it carry you and enrich your life. Fears faced and mistakes made that may be hard at the time, but will ultimately lead to a better place.

Give it a go. It might just change your life.