Tattoo Master 16

Tattoo Master 16

This is a trade publication and so this must be a studio where you are working.

There we were, all three of us, centred in King’s Cross at 2am comparing sunglasses. It wasn’t until Xed pointed this out to me and Paul that we realised the preposterousness of it all. The fact that we can live in this bizarre world where time doesn’t matter and what we get up to is not measurable by anybody, is quite special. I have my own methods of misbehaving which fit well with the tattoo world, which is why after 22 years I still do it. The fact that I now write this stuff for you just adds to the chaos that colours my life – you will have your own ways to uplift your world beyond the drudgery that surrounds you, I am sure.

If you have read the stuff I have written for Tattoo Master over the past year or two, you will probably be aware that I generally take an abstract but upbeat point of view. Moaning does no good. Such is the way the world works that positive growth doesn’t appear to immediately get results. So it is easier to dwell upon the negatives. There are people out there who are perpetuating a world of hatred, but they will find in the long run that it will bring them down. Watch and you will see.

But with every new issue, I get to meet some of the greatest human beings on the planet and hopefully help others to discover them too. I long to meet more of these daft, crazy, outlandish characters who perpetuate the artistic world that includes tattooing, and I’m sure I will in future issues. These are positive people.

I have had interviews where truths were told that were so enlightening that I smiled for days. Some truths were so heavy that I couldn’t print them, but in general I will say that I have had a great time with genius’s who are the foundations for a colourful scene and the basis of a fruitful future. Do not believe that the end of tattooing is in sight or that a bubble is going to burst. For the world, and specifically this little island, to dig itself out of a mess requires creative, misbehaving, and even troublesome characters who see the stupidity of anything other than positive progress. The world is experiencing changes that seem frightening, but they are the natural process needed to break down our barriers to the new world that is full of beautiful art, music and poetry, the very stuff of humanity.

So long as you believe in what you are doing, and lets face it, tattooing is proving its worth every day, you will find your direction with ease and will tread a Godly path. Keep on doing strange and bizarre stuff purely for its own sake. Forget the fears that hold you back and strangle the breath from the rest of society. I, for one, enjoy living on the edge where I can explore the extremes that feed my drive to be creative, and so do the outrageous characters I find for this magazine. Stop fearing, judging and hating, and start creating. That way your world will open up like a flower and you will reflect the light that others will gain warmth from. Despite your fears, your world is getting better.