Tattoo Master 13

Tattoo Master 13

This is a trade publication and so this must be a studio where you are working.

As I write this issue’s editorial I have to admit to feeling a certain amount of excitement at the prospect of embarking upon my five-hour road trip to meet everybody at Jazz’s upcoming Tattoo Jam. Chances are you might already be reading this issue at the show (if so, say hi… or preferably buy me a drink), or maybe you’ve received the magazine long after this year’s booths have been packed away. But wherever you are reading this, there is no denying that along with the mighty London Convention, Tattoo Jam has quickly become one of the ‘must go’ events on the world’s tattoo calendar. In only a few years, what Tattoo Jam and Jazz owner, Stuart Mears, has managed to achieve with this convention is nothing short of phenomenal. Just check out the artist’s roster for this year’s event, it is packed with many of the industry’s big hitters. Add to this the variety of other events taking place throughout the weekend, big name seminars and the prestigious (though often messy) awards evening, and I think there is no question that Tattoo Jam is fast changing the face of conventions in the UK… despite still being in its relative infancy! 

It is also commendable that a tattoo convention of this size and importance is located in the North of the country. An area crammed full of fantastic artists who now have now been given the world class showcase their skills deserve, without having to pack up their things and drag themselves all the way to the capital. Now, I am very aware that many people will read this and sneer (some people are just like that, in fact it seems to be becoming a common but far from attractive facet of the British psyche these days), pointing out that as the editor of a Jazz publication I have to put a positive somewhat jingoist spin on the show, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. And, in a world that seems to be sadly lacking in positivity and good will these days, Tattoo Jam continues to be a massive success story. Long may it continue. Can’t wait.

 -Dave Perry